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This Privacy Policy outlines your privacy rights concerning the collection, use, storage, sharing, and protection of your information on our website, payment platforms ("Platforms"), APIs, Software Applications ("Apps"), email notifications, and tools, regardless of how you access or use them.

This Privacy Policy applies to all services provided by Bosak Microfinance Bank Limited and its subsidiaries or affiliated companies collectively referred to as "Bosak Microfinance Bank Limited."

Account: Refers to a Bosak Microfinance Bank Ltd. for Business or Barter Account or any other products of Bosak Microfinance Bank Limited that you may use.

Cookies: Small data files transferred to your computer or mobile device to remember your account log-in information, IP addresses, web traffic, browser type and version, device details, date and time of visits.

Bosak Microfinance Bank Limited: Refers to Bosak Microfinance Bank Limited and its affiliates.

Personal Information: Any data that can identify a living person, including email address, company name, password, payment card, financial information such as bank account number, government-issued identity card, taxpayer identification, as well as anonymous information linked to you, like IP address, log-in information, address, location, device, or transaction data.

Sites: Refers to any platform, including but not limited to mobile applications, websites, and social media platforms.

User: An individual who uses the services or accesses the sites of Bosak Microfinance Bank Limited and has agreed to use their end services.

Special Categories of Personal Information: Details about your race or ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, sex life, sexual orientation, political opinions, trade union membership, information about your health and genetic and biometric data.

This Privacy Policy aims to provide individuals and organizations whose personal data we hold with a description of the types of Personal Information we collect, the purposes for which we collect that Personal Information, the other parties with whom we may share it, and the measures we take to protect the security of the data.

Privacy Principles:
Bosak Microfinance Bank Limited focuses on the following core privacy principles:
1. Empowering the individual: Allowing individuals to be in charge of their personal information and make voluntary choices about their data.
2. Securing personal information: Implementing appropriate security measures to protect and safeguard personal information.
3. Transparency and education: Providing clear information about personal information, its collection, purposes, and security measures.
4. Compliance with local laws: Adhering to local privacy laws and practices in each
country where Bosak Microfinance Bank Limited operates.
5. Collecting and storing data on a "need to collect" basis: Collecting and storing
personal information only for necessary purposes and as required for services.

1. Personal Information we may collect about you
- Identity Data
- Contact Data
- Identification documents
- Log/Technical information
- Financial Data
- Transactional Data
- Marketing and Communications Data
- Records of your discussions with us
- Non-personal or anonymized data

2. How We Obtain Your Personal Information and Why We Have It
- Directly provided by you through sign-up, service usage, customer support, online forms, or contact with us.
- The lawful bases for processing your Personal Information (consent, contractual obligation, legal obligation).

3. How We May Use Your Personal Information
- Account management, verification, and service provision
- Processing payment transactions
- Fraud prevention and protection
- Marketing and communication
- Business improvement and development
- Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

4. Data Security and Retention
- Administrative, technical, and physical controls to protect Personal Information
- Retention of data based on legal requirements and fraud monitoring

5. Disclosing Your Personal Information
- Sharing with third parties, affiliates, service providers, agents, etc., for the
specified purposes

6. Marketing
- Processing Personal Information for marketing content and communication
- Users have the right to object to marketing contact

7. Your Data Protection Rights and Choices
- Right to access, rectify, erase, and object to processing
- Right to withdraw consent
- Deactivating your account

8. Cookies
- Use of cookies for website customization and improvement

9. Use by Minors
- Websites and applications not directed at minors

10. International Data Transfers
- Personal Information may be stored and processed in countries where Bosak Microfinance Bank Limited operates

11. Data Protection Officer
- Appointed Data Protection Officer responsible for overseeing data protection strategy and implementation

12. Training
- Employees receive data privacy and protection training

13. Dispute Resolution and Filing a Complaint
- Process for handling complaints and disputes related to personal information

14. Audits
- Compliance with Data Protection and Privacy Act, 2019 (DPPA) and other applicable laws

15. Updates to Our Privacy Policy
- Policy updates and notification methods

16. Contact Us
- Contact information for inquiries and requests regarding privacy policy

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