Mrs. Busola Oyewole

The benefits of partnering with Bosak MFB are immense. It’s been over seven years since I started with them and it has certainly been worth my while. In 2016, there was a fire outbreak in my store and I lost goods valued at N400, 000 and still had a running Bosak Trade Loan. Bosak came to my aid and not only restructured my existing loan but refinanced my business. I absolutely love banking with Bosak MFB.


Mrs. Biola Kuseju

Partnering with Bosak MFB all these years was a smart decision I am so glad I made. The Bank’s contribution to my family is one for which I am truly grateful for. With the Bosak Trade Loan, I was able to secure a shop where I sell my wares. My child was also awarded Educational Scholarship. Banking with Bosak MFB is so convenient.


Mr. Felix Akinrimisi

At times, it is during hardships that strong bonds are forged. Over five years ago, my bond with Bosak MFB was formed when I secured Bosak Trade Loan at a time I was in dire need. The best part is that the loan was disbursed in a timely manner with no hassles.


Mr. Olusegun Adeduro

Honestly, I can’t think of a more beneficial relationship than the one I have with Bosak MFB. It has been five years and counting and the benefits just keep adding up. I purchased electronics through the Bosak Asset Finance Loan product. Bosak MFB is a great Bank to do business with.

Mrs. Adeleye Olajumoke

Bosak MFB is a God-sent Bank. Though I suffered great loss which led to the demise of my 18-year old son and grounded my business for 2 months. I got the required support which made me speechless. When I resumed sales with five cartons of indomie noodles and some biscuits, Bosak came to my aid. I obtained Bosak Trade Loan and today I supply noodles to retailers, selling almost 200 cartons weekly. I pray that your Bank continues to grow from strength to strength because that is how we too can grow.


Mrs. Augustina Joyce

The Health Insurance scheme offered by Bosak MFB to its customers has been a life saver for me. I was critically in January 2019 and had no money to visit the hospital for treatment. The health insurance came to my rescue; I was able to go to the advised hospital without any money on me; I underwent necessary medical tests and was properly treated. Kudos to Bosak MFB!


Mrs. Akinwunmi Felicia

It’s been over eight years since I joined Bosak MFB and I am so glad I did. Over the years, my business has steadily grown because of the support I received from Bosak MFB. My excitement was double when my child was selected to partake in the Educational Scholarship award. God bless Bosak MFB!!!


Mrs. Balogun Folarin

I joined Bosak MFB in 2016 and I have never regretted that decision. Bosak is a Bank that rewards its customers for their loyalty which I have experienced in so many ways. I have felt the impact of Bosak MFB not only in my business but in my family too. One of such is the Educational Scholarship that was extended to one of my children at a period we needed the support the most. I would never forget. Kudos to Bosak MFB!!!


Mrs. Abigail Olaniyan

I started banking with Bosak MFB in 2016 with N30,000.00 loan to grow my small fish business. Today, I am able to access bigger loans which has helped my family to complete our then uncompleted building. We are grateful for the support received from the bank.


Mrs. Kehinde Abudu

The weekly repayment option Bosak Microfinance Bank Limited offers with their officers coming over to pick repayments is a service I have particularly enjoyed in my roughly five years of doing business with them. My friends have their ears full with me going on about Bosak. How can I not though? Bosak has been there for not just me but also my family. One of my children is employed by the Bank with another being awarded educational scholarship.

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