Our Vision .:

To become the preferred micro finance institution in Nigeria.


Our Mission .:

To maximize shareholders' value by providing exceptional customer service to micro clients through the combination of cutting edge technology and highly motivated employees.

Our philosophy reflects a deep seated belief that value is created through focusing on a few uncompromising fundamentals namely – sound management, operational excellence, value-adding support for our customers and sound long term strategic and business objectives. Hence, the Banks’ activities are guided by the following core values:


Our Core Values.:

The bank’s core values are summarised in the acronym PRESS  representing

P – Professionalism-Every activity of the institution is conducted with the highest level professionalism across all organizational cadre

R – Respect - We show respect to laws and regulations as well as individuals especially clients and institutions that we come across in our operations

E – Excellence - Our activities are conducted with excellent result in view. All staff members are encouraged and assisted to achieve excellence in their roles

S – Sustainability - Sustainability of operations by remaining profitable and delivering returns to shareholders is the result we continually ensure we achieve

S – Simplicity - All areas of our operations including processes, products descriptions and policy are simple enough to avoid ambiguity for ease of understanding by everyone

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