Bosak Beta Life Savings

Close-up of euro coins spilling out of change purse --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Your money deserves a good reward.

Whether you need to save conveniently towards a goal, build up your savings, or simply keep your idle funds away securely, our BBLS account will reward your money with high interest yield.

Account can also be opened for children by their parents.


  • Simple account opening documentation
  • Minimum opening balance of N500
  • 1.5% quarterly interest
  • No deposit threshold required to be met to enjoy the 6% p.a. interest
  • Deposit can be made through available e-banking channels.

WhatsApp: 0805 872 0750
Toll-free: 0800225526725

Bosak Health Insurance Scheme


At Bosak, we strongly believe that health is wealth. This is why we provide our customers with access to quality healthcare services at reputable hospitals with a premium of N500 only per month.

WhatsApp: 0805 872 0750
Toll-free: 0800225526725


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